OCEAN COLOUR SCENE lanzan boxset vinilo ‘Yesterday Today 2005 – 2013’

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Los británicos Ocean Colour Scene verán reeditada parte de su discografía el 18 de agosto de 2023 con “Yesterday Today 2005 – 2013”, caja en formato LP de vinilo que reúne los álbumes “A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad” (2005), “On The Leyline” (2007), “Saturday” (2010) y “Painting” (2013). Todos estos álbumes han sido remasterizados por Phil Kinrade en Alchemy Mastering y ahora verán la luz en vinilo de 140 gramos en color.

LP1: A Hyperactive Workout For The
Flying Squad (2005)
A1. Everything Comes
At The Right Time
A2. Free My Name
A3. Wah Wah
A4. Drive Away
A5. I Love You
A6. This Day Should Last Forever
B1. Move Things Over
B2. Waving Not Drowning
B3. God’s World
B4. Another Time To Stay
B5. Have You Got The Right
B6. Start Of The Day
B7. My Time

LP2: On The Leyline (2007)
A1. I Told You So
A2. On The Leyline, Waiting
A3. For Dancers Only
A4. Man In The Middle
A5. I Just Got Over You
A6. These Days I’m Tired
B1. Go To Sea
B2. You’ll Never Find Me
B3. Don’t Get Me
B4. Loneliest Girl In The
Whole Wide World
B5. Mr Brown
B6. Two Lovers
B7. Daylight

LP3: Saturday (2010)
A1. 100 Floors Of Perception
A2. Mrs Maylie
A3. Saturday
A4. Just A Little Bit Of Love
A5. Old Pair Of Jeans
A6. Sing Children Sing
A7. Harry Kidnap
B1. Magic Carpet Days
B2. The Word
B3. Village Life
B4. Postal
B5. What’s Mine Is Yours
B6. Fell In Love On The Street Again
B7. Rockfield

LP4: Painting (2013)
A1. We Don’t Look In The Mirror
A2. Painting
A3. Goodbye Old Town
A4. Doodle Book
A5. If God Made Everyone
A6. Weekend
A7. Professor Perplexity
B1. George’s Tower
B2. I Don’t Want To Leave England
B3. The Winning Side
B4. Mistaken Identity
B5. The Union
B6. The New Torch Song
B7. Here Comes The Dawning Day