ROLLING STONES lanzan ‘The Rolling Stones In Mono’, boxset de 16 LPs

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Se acaba de anunciar “The Rolling Stones In Mono”, una box set en edición limitada que reúne en dieciséis LPs de vinilo de color la producción discográfica de la banda británica durante los años 60. La fecha de lanzamiento es el 20 de enero de 2023.

Se trata de una box set en edición limitada y numerada en la que cada LP está prensado en un color diferente y se acompaña de un libreto de 48 páginas con un texto del conocido periodista musical estadounidense David Fricke (Rolling Stone) completado con fotografías en color.

Son en total catorce álbumes originales en mono más una colección especial en LP doble titulada “Stray Cats” que cuenta con veinticuatro temas adicionales, incluyendo los temas de “The Rolling Stones E.P.” de 1964 además de todos los cortes de la época que no se encuentran en los álbumes. Mencionar que se incluyen además las versiones británicas y estadounidenses de “Out Of Our Heads” (1965) y “Aftermath” (1966), así como las versiones británicas del primer LP – “The Rolling Stones” y “Between The Buttons” (1967).

12 x 5
1Around And Around
2Confessin’ The Blues
3Empty Heart
4Time Is On My Side
5Good Times, Bad Times
6It’s All Over Now
72120 South Michigan Avenue
8Under The Boardwalk
10Grown Up Wrong
11If You Need Me
12Susie Q
Aftermath (UK)
1Mother’s Little Helper
2Stupid Girl
3Lady Jane
4Under My Thumb
5Doncha Bother Me
6Goin’ Home
7Flight 505
8High And Dry
9Out Of Time
10It’s Not Easy
11I Am Waiting
12Take It Or Leave It
14What To Do
Aftermath (US)
1Paint It, Black
2Stupid Girl
3Lady Jane
4Under My Thumb
5Doncha Bother Me
7Flight 505
8High and Dry
9It’s Not Easy
10I Am Waiting
11Goin’ Home
Beggars Banquet
1Sympathy For The Devil
2No Expectations
3Dear Doctor
4Parachute Woman
5Jigsaw Puzzle
6Street Fighting Man
7Prodigal Son
8Stray Cat Blues
9Factory Girl
10Salt Of The Earth
Between The Buttons (UK)
1Yesterday’s Papers
2My Obsession
3Backstreet Girl
5She Smiled Sweetly
6Cool, Calm and Collected
7All Sold Out
8Please Go Home
9Who’s Been Sleeping Here?
11Miss Amanda Jones
12Something Happened To Me Yesterday
December’s Children
1She Said Yeah
2Talkin’ Bout You
3You Better Move On
4Look What You’ve Done
5The Singer Not The Song
6Route 66
7Get Off Of My Cloud
8I’m Free
9As Tears Go By
10Gotta Get Away
11Blue Turns To Grey
12I’m Moving On
1Ruby Tuesday
2Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
3Let’s Spend The Night Together
4Lady Jane
5Out Of Time
6My Girl
7Backstreet Girl
8Please Go Home
9Mother’s Little Helper
10Take It Or Leave It
11Ride On Baby
12Sittin’ On A Fence
Let It Bleed
1Gimme Shelter
2Love In Vain
3Country Honk
4Live With Me
5Let It Bleed
6Midnight Rambler
7You Got The Silver
8Monkey Man
9You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Out Of Our Heads (UK)
1She Said Yeah
2Mercy Mercy
3Hitch Hike
4That’s How Strong My Love Is
5Good Times
6Gotta Get Away
7Talkin’ ‘Bout You
8Cry To Me
9Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going)
10Heart Of Stone
11The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
12I’m Free
Out Of Our Heads (US)
1Mercy Mercy
2Hitch Hike
3The Last Time
4That’s How Strong My Love Is
5Good Times
6I’m All Right
7(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
8Cry To Me
9The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
10Play With Fire
11The Spider And The Fly
12One More Try
Stray Cats (Disc 1)
1Come On
2I Want To Be Loved
3I Wanna Be Your Man
5Fortune Teller
6Poison Ivy
7Bye Bye Johnny
9Poison Ivy (Verison 2)
10Not Fade Away
11I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
12The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man (single version)
Stray Cats (Disc 2)
119th Nervous Breakdown
2Sad Day
3Con Le Mile Lacrime (As Tears Go By)
4Long, Long While
5Who’s Driving Your Plane?
6We Love You
8Child Of The Moon
9Jumpin’ Jack Flash
10Street Fighting Man
11Honky Tonk Women
12You Can’t Always Get What You Want (single version)
The Rolling Stones (UK)
1Route 66
2I Just Want To Make Love To You
3Honest I Do
4Mona (I need you baby)
5Now I’ve Got A Witness
6Little By Little
7I’m A King Bee
9Tell Me
10Can I Get A Witness
11You Can Make It If You Try
12Walking The Dog
The Rolling Stones No. 2
1Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
2Down Home Girl
3You Can’t Catch Me
4Time Is On My Side
5What A Shame
6Grown Up Wrong
7Down The Road Apiece
8Under the Boardwalk
9I Can’t Be Satisfied
10Pain In My Heart
11Off The Hook
The Rolling Stones, Now!
1Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
2Down Home Girl
3You Can’t Catch Me
4Heart Of Stone
5What A Shame
6Mona (I Need You Baby)
7Down The Road Apiece
8Off The Hook
9Pain In My Heart
10Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)
11Little Red Rooster
12Surprise, Surprise
Their Satanic Majesties Request
1Sing This All Together
3In Another Land
42000 Man
5Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
6She’s A Rainbow
7The Lantern
92000 Light Years From Home
10On With The Show