THIN LIZZY actuarán en el KobetaSonik 2010

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Thin Lizzy han difundido un comunicado de prensa en el que explican la cancelación de se actuación el pasado fin de semana en el festival KobetaSonik de Bilbao. Scott Gorhan y John Sykes se han visto obligados a posponer también un par de conciertos en Inglaterra, pero anuncian su disposición a actuar en el Bilbao el próximo año. Os reproducimos el comunicado íntegro:

THIN LIZZY regret to announce that due to a recent accident suffered by drummer Tommy Aldridge, in which Tommy broke his collar bone that they have withdrawn from last Saturday’s KOBETASONIK festival in Bilbao, Spain and have to postpone the two UK shows scheduled for this week, Liverpool o2 Academy and Nottingham Rock City respectively.

‘Its a real shame that our summer touring had to start this way’ said guitarists Scott Gorham and John Sykes, ‘Tommy had a accident recently resulting in his collar bone being broken and we were hoping it would have healed enough for us to play all the forthcoming shows, but after recent practice sessions and visits to the specialist it became apparent a decision had to be made to regrettably bow out of the Bilbao, Liverpool and Nottingham appearances’.

Thin Lizzy will reschedule the Liverpool Academy and Nottingham Rock City shows in the Autumn – new dates to be announced asap and are looking to play Kobetasonik in 2010.